Partner With Us

At this stage of the project, we are seeking three types of partnerships. First, we seek people from all walks of life to share either their own stories of resilience or examples (in literature, film, music, or artistic expression) of resilience through storytelling. If you have a resilience story, please contact us here. Second, we seek to partner with K-12 schools, colleges, and universities who are interested in having their educators and educational staff enroll in the training. For educational institutions that enroll their entire staff, we will reach out to you to host an in-person workshop to inaugurate the training at your institution. Third, we wish to partner with social organizations that engage in work that can be spotlighted in the training itself. For example, the One World Strong Foundation engages in transformative work to improve the lives of those impacted by terrorist attacks, hate crimes, and traumatic events. Reimagine Resilience seeks to integrate the noble work of organizations within the training itself.

Reach out

If you and/or your institution are interested in any of the categories of partnership described above, please reach out to us.
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