Our Mission

Reimagine Resilience aims to enable educators to promote and instill values of moral resilience, non-violent problem-solving, and social connectedness among their students in schools.

This initiative will provide an online professional development training opportunity for educators which leverages story-telling and problem-based learning pedagogy to inspire and create agency among participants to prevent isolation and educational displacement at schools.

Led by Dr. Amra Sabic-El-Rayess, Associate Professor at Teachers College, Columbia University, the purpose of this initiative is to design and implement a professional development training for educators that will amplify protective factors against biased speech and behavior in U.S. schools. The curriculum intends to build moral resilience to hate and reduce othering, marginalization, and negative narratives in educational spaces through story-telling and non-violent problem solving. To date, there are limited resources and interventions geared for education professionals on addressing biases in schools among their students and peers through a story-telling medium.

For more information visit the Teachers College, Columbia University website below.

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